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Fabella Porcelain Lamp

185 EUR

Squire von Ribbeck at Ribbeck in Havelland,
In his garden there stood a pear tree grand,
And when autumn came round, the golden tide,
And pears were glowing far and wide,
Squire von Ribbeck, when noon rang out, would first
Fill both his pockets full to burst.
And then, when a boy in his clogs came there,
He called: ”My lad, do you want a pear?”
He would hail a girl that chanced to pass:
“Come over, I have a pear, little lass!”

Fabella Porcelain Lamp enlightening
not only admirers of the poet Theodor Fontane.

Material: porcelain, cabel
Size: height 21 cm
Fitting: E27
Handmade in Germany

Studio Laura Straßer is a Berlin based design studio with a focus on porcelain and ceramic design. 

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