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Egg'N'Shake - Eggcups with its own salt shaker

14.50 EUR

For a pieceful Breakfast
Egg'N'Shake conveniently combines an eggcup and a personal salt shaker. Egg'N'Shake uses the classical material and shape of an eggcup. The primary detail that distinguishes it from a conventional eggcup is that the lower portion works as a salt shaker. No fluid can enter the salt shaker because the upper part overlaps the lower part, preventing any excess fluid to enter the salt shaker.

Set of two
Height: 6cm
Diameter: 5cm
Brand: frenchknicker / Milia Seyppel & Laura Straßer

Materials: Porcelain

Studio Laura Straßer is a Berlin based design studio with a focus on porcelain and ceramic design. 

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